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You want to join Pope Francis’ missions to the poor and marginalized, and champion a Catholic charity project. But maybe first you’d like to explore the missions going on right now. As the crowd funding platform of the Catholic world, MISSIO has a huge list of ongoing missions just waiting for your support! Whether you’re looking to sponsor charity projects in Africa, support Catholic healthcare in South America, make a Catholic education donation in Africa, or bring a food donation to starving children in India, you’ll find the charity project you’re looking for right here.

Missio is here to connect you to the charity projects and missionary outreach that you are most passionate about. Explore our growing list of projects below!


Help Provide Balanced Meals for Students in PNG
Education | Papua New Guinea

Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School, in Bereina, Central Province in Papua New Guinea strives to provide children with an education. The challenge is that students, often, have to walk miles, on an em


Raised: $1,770


Help Build an Island Chapel
Community | Fiji

The Village of Sawaru in the Lokia Rewa Delta of Fiji consists of about 20 Catholic families. Residents are hoping to build a community hall and chapel so that they may gather for Mass, Religious Educ


Raised: $1,450