MCP 2021

Holy Spirit Church
1969 Crompond Rd Cortlanot Manor, NY 10566

(Arch)Diocese of New York, NY


Each year, the Society for the Propagation of the Faith coordinates mission appeals in U.S. parishes. This year, in light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, these appeals are being featured on the digital presence of the Pope’s mission societies,

If you are a member of a U.S. parish assigned to this project in the Pope’s missions, you are encouraged to:

  • Learn about this work of the Missions, and how it helps our mission family half a world away.
  • Donate to support this project, as you are able.
  • Share on social media about the project – even that you donated.
  • Copy the link to the project and share with family and friends.

The Poor of Jesus Christ, MCP

Community | Mozambique

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