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Mr. Ninkabs Emmanuel

Accra Ghana

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Our Lord said to O my children love one another When hungry let give him bread and drink the first miracle God did was to turn water to drink and take this my blood.????

Help a Child in the Pope's Missions

Community | United States

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Why I'm fundraising:

Our Lord said let's as give to poor and needy, it all of as in life God have blessed on earth everybody have his mission to accomplish in life either good or bad it let for you decided the life to live, that's you can live long,some times we all think we mass to blessed and some are thinking of they daily bread o my Father, what I my seening,when the rich is using the poor people before they can live o I use to cry with them myself, we are treated like we are created like we are born from human worb,My Lord said my eyes is on the poor and orphans, disabled people and the blind and those that can work have to enjoyed to life.