Support Vocational Training in Tanzania

Project Leader:

Reverend Josephat Nzioka

Fr. Josephat is making a difference in the village of Mwandoya, Tanzania. He saw the gap widening between young, rural men and women and the opportunities for education and employment. Living in a poor community, many young men and women in Mwandoya could not afford the higher education offered in the distant cities of Tanzania. Living in a rural village, these men and women were also at a considerable disadvantage when taking the rigorous exams required to attend college. Fr. Josephat’s vision was to provide empowering opportunities to these young people who felt more and more that they had no options for their future. The Vocational Training Center he founded helps young people in Mwandoya develop marketable trades, such as carpentry, tailoring/dressmaking and computer programming. Give $25 to support Fr. Josephat’s vision to provide young people in Tanzania the means to earn a living and make a life.



of $5,000 raised

Anonymous donated $100.

Janet donated $50.

Fenella donated $500.

Jessie donated $50.

Deborah donated $50.

Deborah donated $50.

Steven donated $50.

Deborah donated $50.

Shawn donated $50.

Monica donated $5.

Paul donated $50.

Andrew donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps pay instructors
  • $50 Can buy desks and chairs for 10 students
  • $150 Can buy a photocopy machine
  • $250 Can buy one sewing machine

Project Updates

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Anonymous donated $100.

6 months ago

With your donation we will be able to pay two instructors in the tailoring and dressmaking department

12 months ago

Hi Janet. Thanks so much for the donation to support vocational training in Mwandoya Tanzania.

12 months ago

Janet donated $50.

12 months ago

we welcome more people to feel touched with the work of young people, majority of whom are girls. Empower the girl child, empower the nation!

15 months ago

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