Cross Border Evangelization (Nyangatom) Ethiopia

Project Leader:

Reverend Angel Valdivia

This project is a first evangelization initiative of the Diocese of Lodwar in collaboration with neighboring Apostolic Vicariate of Jimma-Bonga to reach out to pastoralist societies of the southern part of the Vicariate of Jimma-Bonga (Ethiopia) bordering Kenya and South Sudan. Due to its remoteness, difficult accessibility and insecurity, the Catholic Church has never been able to establish herself in this area. The project consists in supporting priests of the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle and other pastoral agents to start pastoral attention and evangelization of this area and build up the Church. This will be done through the formation of catechists, registration and training of catechumens, formation of Christian leaders and formation of Small Christian Communities, all this with a strong stress on bringing about peace with the neighboring tribes who compete for the few resources such as pasture and water.



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What your donation can do!

  • $20 will help buy education supplies.
  • $50 will help with transportation.
  • $100 will help support a catechist for a month.

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