Provide Clean Drinking Water in Myanmar

Project Leader:

Reverend Thomas Vellappallil

Safe water to drink may be something we are used to in the United States and Europe, but access to clean water is not a given for much of the world. In Myanmar, for example, 17.5 million people in Myanmar do not have clean water to drink. After years of isolation from the world under oppressive military rule, Myanmar is now a democracy but over 700 children die each year from illness caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. In Mandalay, like many places in Myanmar, water contamination is a serious situation. Fr. Thomas is raising money to drill a new well and provide his community clean and safe water. Help Fr. Thomas provide his basic human right.



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Wilson donated $25.

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Reginald donated $1.

What your donation can do!

  • $100 Helps purchase bottled water
  • $500 Helps pay for well drilling

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Wilson donated $25.

9 days ago

Katie donated $25.

10 days ago

Anonymous donated $25.

18 days ago

Patricia donated $25.

4 months ago

Kimberly donated $25.

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