Help Grow Hope in Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Josyline Makena

Give $25 to help the Holy Trinity Sisters develop their farm. Where the sisters live in Isiolo County is such an arid area that people must travel long distances to buy their food. The Holy Trinity Sisters started a sustainable farm to address this serious issue of food security in their community and in this challenging climate. They are developing natural irrigation techniques to grow vegetables such as onions, tomoatoes, kale, and edible root plants. They are also raising dairy cattle and poultry. As the project grows, Sister Josyline Makena hopes to expand the farm into a business that can both employ and feed people in Isiolo. Give $25 to help grow hope in Kenya.



of $5,000 raised

David donated $100.

Marie donated $50.

w donated $25.

Howard donated $25.

Barbara donated $25.

Elise donated $50.

Lorraine donated.

David donated $40.

Shirl donated $20.

Joanne donated $20.

David donated $50.

Ventura donated $50.

Patricia donated $40.

Patricia donated $50.

Mike donated $50.

Jennifer donated $50.

Claire donated $20.

Andrew donated $20.

Jack donated $100.

Robert R donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps purchases supplies
  • $50 Helps cover operation costs
  • $150 Helps the Sisters receive training on irrigation techniques.

Project Updates

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Am grateful for the support. Thankyou David and Marie. May God bless your heart of generosity

2 months ago

David donated $100.

2 months ago

Marie donated $50.

3 months ago

w donated $25.

3 months ago

Thankyou for supporting this project

3 months ago

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