Ambulance for Aging Sisters in India

Project Leader:

Reverend Sr. A. Mary Stella FSAG

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Sugantham was built in 2002 for the aging Sisters of Puducherry. After years of selfless service to the Church, these Sisters have earned a little rest. St. Aloysius is 30 km from the nearest hospital. The 24 sisters living in community there depend on various treatments that require regular and emergency visits to the hospital. Hiring transportation spends money that could be better spent on patient care. Sr. Mary is raising money to purchase a truck to transport the sisters to their doctor visits. Give $25 to help provide the care these sisters deserve.



of $2,500 raised

Thomas donated $25.

Thomas donated $25.

Thomas donated $25.

Patricia donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Michele donated $25.

Elizabeth donated $25.

liza donated $10.

Anonymous donated $25.

Sandra donated $25.

Billy donated $25.

Agapita S donated $25.

Rita donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Annmarie donated $25.

Herbert donated $10.

Lorraine donated.

Joseph donated $20.

Nigel donated $20.

Mair Patricia donated $20.

Timothy donated $1.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps purchase a vehicle
  • $100 Helps with down payment

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Thomas donated $25.

1 day ago

Thomas donated $25.

18 days ago

Thomas donated $25.

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Patricia donated $25.

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Anonymous donated $25.

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