Counselling Survivors - Domestic Violence, Malawi

Project Leader:

Sister Huguette Ostiguy

In Malawi many women are victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. They need counselling and psychosocial support to deal with the trauma. In many cases some of the women need medical treatment. Counselling will enable women to preserve their mental health and provide stability for their children. Please help this project. A donation of $50 helps a woman start to rebuild her life.



of $4,500 raised

Theresa donated $50.

Judy donated $50.

Bob donated $50.

Carmel donated $25.

Brandi donated $150.

Kyle donated.

Alojzia donated $25.

Ronald donated $50.

John donated $25.

Gerard donated $50.

STEPHEN donated $50.

Pat donated $100.

Elizabeth donated $25.

Angelo donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Kenneth donated $25.

Maria donated $50.

Anonymous donated $20.

Lynn donated $50.

Mark donated $25.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Dennis donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Edwin donated $25.

Dale donated $25.

Eugene donated $25.

Margus donated $25.

Marilyn R donated $25.

Mariangeles donated $48.

Anonymous donated $500.

Mary donated $50.

rosie donated $50.

Vinny donated $30.

Adrian donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Carl donated $100.

Gerard donated $50.

Sandra donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Margus donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 2 individual counselling sessions
  • $50 financial support for a woman in difficulty
  • $100 4 groups women victims violence sexual abuse

Project Updates

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Greetings to you... and best wishes for you to keep away from covid-19... thank you for your support for counselling for women survivors of domestic Violence. There are so many who suffer in silence, but when a woman or a young lady come for help, we need to be there for her and to offer the support she needs and also for the children who are involved. Any help is a big help for us counsellors.... Thanks so much...

13 days ago

Theresa donated $50.

26 days ago

Thinking of all of you that are supporters in one way or another on this special occasion of Christmas.., I come to wish you a peaceful Christmas with special blessings in this time of covid omicron... May all of you find Joy and hope in Him. Thanks so much... Huguette O mic

1 month ago

Dear Friends, let me thanks you very sincerely. I have more than 25 years of experience as a professional counsellor assisting in especially young lades and women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse of different kinds. Your support is very important as it helps me to continue doing my work to help many discover their worth as human beings and to develop the strengths needed to rebuild their life. Thanks you so much...

1 month ago

Dear Friends.. Thanks for the support... It means a lot for me but mainly for the women we can help in some ways but mainly with counselling. Domestic violence and sexual abuse is a very traumatic experience It takes time to overcome some of the painful consequences and to rebuild the strength needed to move ahead. May the Lord bless you in a special way.....

2 months ago

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