Build Underground Water Tank in Kisii, Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Srjoyce Matage

We are Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Congregation based in the Ichuni Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Kisii. We run apostolic activities that include education in primary school, hospital care, catechesis in the parish and ministering to the sick and aged in our local community. We lack safe drinking water. During the dry season, most of the rivers dry up and the children, Sisters and the people living in the area wander from place to place looking for drinking water. They end up consuming water that is also used by animals. This contaminated water transmits diseases. In our hospital, 80 percent of the children we treat are suffering from diarrhea due to waterborne diseases. We therefore urgently need to construct a big water tank that can store harvested rainwater and supply the entire community. Any kind of help you will be able to offer is a blessing. Help us secure safe drinking water.



of $3,500 raised

Gigi donated $110.

Theresa donated $50.

Kathleen donated.

Jean donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $75.

Mary donated $100.

Anonymous donated $10.

Gabriel donated $100.

LOUISE donated $50.

Gigi donated $35.

Anonymous donated $20.

Donald donated $50.

Mark G. donated $10.

Anonymous donated $50.

Andrew donated $25.

Judy donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Jean donated $25.

Jean donated $10.

Marilyn donated $100.

Anonymous donated $25.

Mike donated $10.

Bridget donated.

dorothy donated.

Vinny donated $25.

Stephane donated $25.

Agnes donated $10.

Paul donated $50.

Rachel donated $150.

Michele donated.

Wilson donated $25.

Chuck donated $25.

Gerard donated $25.

Alexis donated $25.

Paul donated $25.

JoAnne donated $25.

Maria donated $25.

Nancy donated $25.

Annette donated $25.

Lynda donated $10.

Michael donated $25.

Dave donated $20.

Gerard donated $25.

Maria donated $25.

Nathan donated $100.

Alexis donated $25.

nancy donated $25.

Mary donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy medicine.
  • $20 helps buy cement.
  • $150 helps buy water tank.

Project Updates

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Thank you Mission team for 4th he support of the underground water project you supported us with this year. We have done the tank and are already harvesting rain water, storing in tank and fetching from the tank see the photo. The school children are at home due to CORONA Virus lock down and I will be able to show you their pictures as they enjoy the fresh tank water as soon as schools reopen. We as the sisters of the Blessed Virgin congregation THANK you very much for supporting this community project .we pray for you all. Sr joyce-kenya

48 months ago

Heard from Sister Joyce... "Thank you very much Missio-USA For the gift of safe water to the children and community of Ichuni-kisii, Kenya.The children and local community are under COVID 19 lock down and will enjoy safe water as soon the lock down will be over and schools which are now closed open." ~MISSIO Team

48 months ago

Thank you very very much our supporters of the water tank. We can't belief it that you have fully funded our project and that very very soon we shall have the water tank and all our children, patients and community surrounding us will have safe water and be happy and healthy. We shall give you updates of our project progress. Thank you. St joyce

53 months ago

Gigi donated $110.

53 months ago

Theresa donated $50.

53 months ago

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