Train Fish Farmers in Cameroon

Project Leader:

Sister MEWOULOU Marie Thérèse Brigit

Sister Marie is training children as fish farmers to reverse the impact of AIDs. Children in Cameroon who have lost their caregivers due to AIDs (304,000 in 2010 alone!) are rejected by society and are often unable to attend school. Sr. Marie cares for many of these children at the Hope Center in Yaounde, giving them the love and attention they do not receive elsewhere. Through a partnership with a school of agriculture nearby, Sister Marie is raising money so that 10 Hope Center children can attend a nearby agriculture school and receive training in fish breeding and sales. These new skills will give these children a new life! Not only will they learn a useful trade, it will enable them to move away from stigma of being AIDs orphans and begin a cultural shift that helps raise whole communities out of poverty. Can you give $20 so Sr. Marie can change the lives of these children?



of $5,000 raised

Irene donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

Mark donated $25.

Paul donated $25.

Phillip donated $50.

M Jeffrey donated $25.

Gerard donated $25.

Barbara donated $25.

Colleen donated $50.

JoAnne donated $750.

Anonymous donated $35.

Anonymous donated $100.

Annette donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Richard donated $100.

Cathy donated $25.

Leo P donated $50.

Mike donated $10.

Sandra donated $25.

Jean donated $25.

Anne donated $10.

Barbara donated $25.

Phillip donated $25.

Cecilia donated $25.

Denise donated $10.

Jean donated $10.

Billy donated $25.

Howard donated $10.

Patricia donated $25.

Kasey donated $10.

Neil donated $25.

Shirley donated $10.

Amy donated $25.

Delane donated $100.

Carlos donated $25.

RONALD donated $10.

Anonymous donated $10.

Paul donated $25.

Susanne donated $20.

Anonymous donated $100.

Bridget donated $25.

Phillip donated $25.

Anne donated $19.

Anonymous donated $19.

Anonymous donated $400.

M donated $5.

Anonymous donated $200.

Luke donated.

Ankica donated $10.

Renae donated.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps pay the fees for one student
  • $100 Pays tuition for one student for one year

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Irene donated $25.

1 day ago

Anonymous donated $100.

2 days ago

Mark donated $25.

3 days ago

Paul donated $25.

3 days ago

Phillip donated $50.

3 days ago

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