Catholic Rural Women Equality Initiative:-Liberia

Project Leader:

Sister Emily Wureh

The Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas is located in the South-eastern part of Liberia and is the remotest and least developed and inaccessible in the country. Here, is the only indigenous group of apostolic women residing in Liberia – the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family. Presently, the average household still lives on less than USD $3.00 per day. Plagued by the Liberian Civil War, many families were affected greatly. For the most part women are head of households in many families as husbands and sons were recruited for the war. And yet there is much violence aimed at women and young girls. It is necessary for The Catholic Women Rural Empowerment Initiative to embark upon a project to create awareness of the dangers of domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, child labor and trafficking. This initiative needs support to conduct training seminars for women, girls and men, to be held twice a week for 3 months. A light meal will be served at every workshop. The hope is to be able to conduct a general monthly meeting and counseling as well as offer basic health care. A day of recollection once a month for prayer, reconciliation and Catholic teaching is also necessary. Please help make all of this possible. These resources and services will enable women to empower themselves and uplift all! Your support of $25 helps buys supplies and food.



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What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps offset public services, light, landlines
  • $50 Helps buy food and medicine
  • $100 helps design, produce, print literature

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