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Join Pope Francis and the efforts of the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) as they work to bring hope to over 3.5 million of the world’s poorest children. Take Sister Delphina Zoomie from Ghana who helps care for vulnerable babies, some orphans, some rescued from mothers with mental health deficiencies. Or Sister Vianey Ambriz Nuñez, who strives to provide medicine, school supplies and food to children who live along the Napo River in the in the Peruvian Amazon. In Vietnam, Sister Minh Nha Tran Thi Gin, campaigns to give children a chance at an education with scholarships that include uniforms, books and transportation. Children in Papua New Guinea are going to school without breakfast and they do not have assurance of a good meal when they go home. Sister Caterina Gasparotto, CCJGS wants to change that by constructing a proper area, safe and clean, where children can take their lunch. Please help impoverished children around the world. A gift of $25 helps secure balanced meals for children in grade school.



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What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps a refugee child with counseling & education
  • $20 brings medical help to a child
  • $50 gives medicine, school supplies, food for a child
  • $100 feeds a child and his/her family
  • $150 is an education for three children
  • $250 provides breakfast and lunch for 20 children
  • $500 helps Sisters bring care to a village of children

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