Support Sisters' Level 4 Hospital

Project Leader:

Sr Leah Njoroge

The Little Sisters of St. Francis in Kenya are involved in health ministry – facilities like St. Damiano Mission Hospital, a level 4 hospital with a staff of 140 – as well as with education ministries (Mother Kevin Primary School , St. Francis School for Hearing Impaired, and some ECD’s Centres) and social/pastoral ministries among vulnerable groups (orphaned children, mentally and physically challenged) and with the Bumula farm project west of the Rift Valley Region, Kenya. The Sisters work with the supportive staff and community members to grow maize, beans, bananas and vegetables, as well as rearing chicken, cows and fish as well. Farm products feed the vulnerable groups in our social ministries. The farm provides job opportunities to women and youths, training them on self-reliance and nutrition in families, helps with food security, and reduces malnutrition. During COVID-19, the Sisters need emergency support to sensitize the families and community on COVID-19 precautions, preventive measures to avoid the spread of the disease. The Sisters will also provide the materials – masks, gloves, gowns, sanitizers, soap – and advise on hygiene for individuals, families and communities. The support will assist us to expand the vegetables gardens as well as the fish ponds for more production. Funds will also be used to stock the hospital with hygiene and protective equipment..



of $15,000 raised

Paula donated $50.

Lynnette donated $25.

Lynnette donated $25.

Lynnette donated $25.

Lynnette donated $25.

Lynnette donated $25.

Catherine donated $25.

Vinny donated $30.

Anonymous donated $50.

Matthew donated $25.

Doris donated $50.

Nilsa donated $25.

Thomas donated $250.

imad donated.

philip donated $25.

Marijan donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

LISA donated $50.

William donated $100.

Mike donated $50.

Mary donated $25.

John donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Alice donated $50.

Lynnette donated $25.

Thomas donated $100.

Hugh donated $50.

Allison donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Peter donated $50.

Ruth donated $50.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Maria donated $25.

Steven donated.

Jamon donated $50.

Patti donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Stephan donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Edwin donated $25.

Jim donated $100.

Steph donated $50.

Pat donated $100.

Mike donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 food for children in care of Sisters
  • $50 provide wages for workers
  • $250 community education on COVID-19
  • $1,000 will equip St. Damiano Mission Hospital

Project Updates

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Dear Paula, Thank you so much for your support to our work! May God fill you and your family with His Abundant blessings! We are praying for you.

9 days ago

Paula donated $50.

13 days ago

Dear Lynnette, Thank you so much for your support to our work! May God bless you. We are praying for you.

19 days ago

Lynnette donated $25.

23 days ago

Dear Lynnette, Thank you so much for your support to our work of care, health and social-Economic empowerment to our communities! May God fill you with His abundant blessing and grant your intentions! We are praying for you.

1 month ago

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