Healthy Yogurt Production in Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Everline Atieno

When COVID-19 began, we were unable to get our feed for cows from our usual supplier. The new vendor made their own feed, and our animals became seriously ill, with our losing five cows. This tragedy also impacted milk available for the community. Other measures that we have had to take with the virus include providing accommodation for our staff with travel restrictions, and delivery of milk that we do have to those vulnerable in the community. We also have a home for orphaned children who are HIV positive (Talithakum Children’s Home) that needs assistance, since the community cannot bring contributions of food as they had been doing. The funds will be used to purchase 5 cows to improve milk production, to provide food, sanitation products, protective equipment and lodging for workers, and to buy food and medication for the children’s home.



of $15,000 raised

What your donation can do!

  • $20 provides medication and food for children's home
  • $50 provides sanitation products for workers
  • $100 helps toward purchase of a cow

Project Updates

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19 months ago

During this Covid-19, we are struggling financially to keep the kids in the children's home safe in and healthy. Having in mind that these children are all HIV positive, thus are vulnerable to infections. For their feeding they depend majorly on the local community who often visit the home and bring some foodstuffs. The same people from the local people are not at work/business, hence are not in a position to donate foodstuffs as they used to do before the Covid-19 pandemic. The home is now out of bound for the local community for the children's safety as the fear of contracting the virus rises every day.

19 months ago