Livelihoods and Food in Rural Malawi

Project Leader:

Reverend Martin Mtumbuka

As the global statistics indicate, COVID-19 spreads very fast, and Malawi is poorly prepared to fight the outbreak. This support will enable Chipunga Farm to help the community deal with the pandemic on a number of levels. In addition, as COVID-19 is largely a health issue, once it spreads in the country, workers at Chipunga Farm risk to be effected by the outbreak, especially our older workers with underlying health conditions. The next health facilities from the farm is 16 kilometers away. This distance is too long without a reliable means of transport. The farm has a pick up vehicle that could be used in times of such emergencies for both workers and community members. However, the vehicle is in a bad shape requiring major service. Current measures declared by the government are that employers should provide and promote personal hygiene and safety for their workers. Chipunga Farm needs assistance to put these measures – sanitizing solution, face masks, gloves, etc. – in place. Funds will support workers and community members with personal hygiene initiatives, such as hand washing facilities and community education regarding COVID-19 through posters; provide water treatment chemicals and sanitizing solution for households; support workers with PPE such as face masks and gloves; repair farm vehicle to transport those who are ill to health centers.



of $25,000 raised

Jean donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 provides face mask / gloves
  • $50 pays a month's salary for one worker
  • $150 provide sanitizing solution for community
  • $500 repairs truck to transport COVID patients
  • $2,500 would pay all workers on farm for a month

Project Updates

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With the new flowers, we can see that the future of our coffee farm and ours are bright. Tomorrow will be good. We just need a little bit of additional support for us to care for the crops so that we have a good yield. Please help by donating to Chipunga Farm.

5 months ago

Thanks for the support from Missio. Chipunga Farm has started harvesting and processing coffee ready for market. Your continued financial support will help as hire more people to process the beans. It will also help buy simple machinery that can help us move away from manual and traditional processes. This will improve quality and quantities, thereby meeting market targets and needs.

5 months ago

Jean donated $50.

5 months ago