Boost Guernsey Stud in Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Vincent Ngatia Ndenga

In light of the current pandemic COVID-19 Mukumu farm and the community are experiencing several challenges. We need assistance for (1) training the staff and community members to sensitize our people on COVID-19 disease prevention; (2) purchase of protective devices (masks, gowns, gloves , sanitizers and antibacterial hand washing soap); (3) containers for water supply; (4) pay salaries for staff; (5) purchase farm inputs, animal feeds and treatment; (6) enable transportation to bring produce (milk, vegetables, fruits and cereals) to support the community, calling for a motor bike, fuel, as well as to visit the homebound, the old, the sick, the disabled.



of $15,000 raised

What your donation can do!

  • $20 pay workers' salaries
  • $50 food for the community
  • $100 protective devices (masks, gloves), sanitizers
  • $250 transportation for visits to sick

Project Updates

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Hello, imagine our pigs have grown big due to the good feeding they have received after your help. Thanks a lot.

7 months ago

You have enabled us to pay our casuals and make them have a smile on their face after sharing with them some food stuffs.

8 months ago

Shalom people of good will, we are so grateful for your support. with your support we have been able to do the following: - We treated our dip with acaricide and no more deaths of our animals of ECF.

8 months ago