Expand Housing for Elderly Sisters in Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Veronica W Kiarie

The Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi is an indigenous congregation founded in 1923 by an Irish missionary, Mother Mary Kevin, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. It began first in Uganda, then spread throughout Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in order to reach the poor and the needy, which they are called to love and serve. For almost 100 years now, these 700 Sisters are involved in works such as teaching (all levels of education), health care (in-patient and outpatient care including programs on HIV & AIDS), catechetical work, and social services that include: taking care of street children, caring for single mothers, refugees and women prisoners, the aged, people with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children. The Divine Mercy Green Farm in Molo, Kenya, grows garden peas for export and crop-rotates with potatoes and cabbages for local consumption. The farm also serves as model site for neighboring smallholder farmers who frequently visit to learn sustainable farming practices. The farm supplies food to the Home for the Elderly and the Novitiate. The farm is also supplying drinking water to 50 households. The Sisters will use the funds during this time of COVID-19 to support the upgrade of the elderly home run by the congregation and the nearby school it runs. They will also purchase protective gear for caregivers; thermometers and other materials will also be procured. For the farm, the Sisters will purchase a potato-harvesting machine because labor is now not available because of the shutdown.



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Marilynn donated $50.

Marilynn donated $50.

hanh donated $50.

Marilynn donated $50.

Marilynn donated $50.

Jason donated $15.

HANH donated $50.

Stephen donated $50.

barry donated.

Mary Lou donated $50.

William donated $50.

Ann donated $20.

Paul donated $25.

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Barry donated $25.

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Anonymous donated $50.

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Sheila donated $50.

Michel donated $20.

John donated $25.

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Michele donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

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What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps with needs of home for elderly
  • $50 purchase protective gear for caregivers
  • $150 help towards purchase of potato-harvesting machine

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Marilynn donated $50.

20 days ago

Marilynn donated $50.

1 month ago

hanh donated $50.

4 months ago

Marilynn donated $50.

7 months ago

Project Leader:

Veronica W Kiarie
May God bless you, Marilynn, your donation of $50 will be used for medical care for the sisters. We thank God for you, once again.

7 months ago

I sincerely thank God for all of you donors, My prayer to you is God's blessing. Your contribution will take us a great step, the elderly sisters will live in a better home comfortable and healthy. May you all be blessed Amen.

8 months ago

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