Complete Chapel at Nakpare in Holy Trinity, Ghana

Project Leader:

Reverend Pius Laten

The early Missionaries first visited Wapuli area in 1911 and later on in 1960s led by Fr. Joseph Connolly, SVD. He opened a prayer center at Nakpare and stationed a catechist. Unfortunately, the prayer center was in need of repairs after it was closed for some time without maintenance. The community mobilized to raise funds and start constructing a solid chapel using sand and cement. The presence of COVID – 19 makes the need of a larger prayer space necessary as it is not healthy to allow large groups at a time to gather. At times, the people make good use of the trees with shade. The new chapel, when completed, will help them have a decent place of worship, spacious enough to adhere to the social distancing protocols given by the health experts in the country. Indeed, we need to ensure that the seed that was sown by the early missionaries germinates and bear good fruits. Please help this project so that the people can receive pastoral care in a space they can also celebrate Mass. A gift of $25 helps buy doors and hardware.



of $5,000 raised

Elizabeth donated $25.

Liliana donated $25.

Thomas donated $50.

imad donated $25.

Edward donated $25.

MARYANN donated $20.

Michael donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Modesta donated $25.

John donated $50.

M Jeffrey donated $25.

Peter donated $50.

Thomas donated $50.

Jerry donated $50.

Edwin donated $25.

Joseph and Jennifer donated $25.

RAMON donated $30.

Gina donated $25.

Kathryn donated $20.

David donated $50.

Thomas donated $50.

Michael donated.

Mark donated $50.

Clemencia donated $50.

Thomas donated $25.

Thomas donated $25.

Michael donated $50.

Michael donated $50.

Thomas donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 will help buy wire and bricks
  • $100 will help buy pews
  • $150 will help buy chairs and paint
  • $250 help buy power tools

Project Updates

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Many thanks for your kind generosity towards us. Indeed, please accept our wholehearted gratitude. May the Lord who blesses beyond what we can imagine, endow you with His favors.

6 days ago

Elizabeth donated $25.

7 days ago

Liliana donated $25.

9 days ago

Thomas donated $50.

10 days ago

I am so thankful to you all on behalf of the people of Nakpare and at the same time very grateful to you all for your kind donations. May God reward you abundantly.

12 days ago

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