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This past year may have felt like an endless Good Friday, as we suffered the loss of a loved one or livelihood, or struggled with illness, isolation, food insecurity, and general uncertainty due to COVID-19. And this reality extended most especially to our brothers and sisters in the Pope’s missions, ever more vulnerable amidst a global pandemic. Drought and violent ethnic conflicts, along with natural disasters and now exposure to the coronavirus, have made starvation a real threat. But there is hope. Local priests and Sisters are responding through food programs and with pastoral care. They continue to be, for so many, the frontline workers. In many places where medical care is scarce, the clergy and religious congregations are the doctors and nurses that treat and cure patients with the resources at hand. Through their efforts, they, also bring the comforting presence of the Lord, Who also knew suffering, and the reminder that no one who suffers is ever abandoned by God. This Lent, you can send them life-saving hope. 100% of your donation will help these Sisters and priests.



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What your donation can do!

  • $50 will help buy face masks and soap.
  • $150 will help buy cornmeal, oil and produce.
  • $250 will help provide antibiotics and other medicine.
  • $500 will help treat waterborne diseases.

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Anonymous donated $120.

8 hours ago

Susan&Tom donated $100.

8 hours ago

Beverly donated $50.

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