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Project Leader:

Mrs. Madiha Aslam

There is a need to purchase a new vehicle to help staff of the Education, Awareness, & Community Development (EACD) in the Diocese of Faisalabad, reach vulnerable families. This vehicle will provide personnel with support so that may continue to serve in rural areas of Pakistan. The busy roads are not well-maintained and are creating wear-and-tear on the bike currently in use. The EACD has grown to include audio-visual equipment which must be transported as well. Rural villages are at least an hour away from the headquarters and reaching, requiring a one-hour drive on a busy rough road. We have contacts with two other towns with a motorcycle is time prohibitive. The goal is to visit villages, at least twice per week. We hold or attend meetings, seminars, computer classes, Sunday school classes, women prayer group meetings, and other educational related activities. Our visits are important in building a stronger Christian community and training leaders to continue our programs. Please help this multiphase project to help fund a vehicle. A gift of $25 helps!



of $5,000 raised

Rita donated $50.

Anonymous donated $500.

Neil donated $25.

Rita donated $60.

Rita donated $60.

Anonymous donated $50.

Carlos donated.

Rudy donated $25.

Ralph donated $50.

Jean donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $55.

STEPHEN donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Dena donated $25.

Naomi donated $50.

Vicki donated $50.

Denise donated $50.

Jeannie donated $100.

Victoria donated $50.

Thomas donated $50.

Anonymous donated $100.

Dino donated $50.

Eugene donated $25.

Mark donated $25.

Taylor donated $20.

Anonymous donated $250.

Ann donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps with registration documentation
  • $100 helps insurance premiums
  • $150 helps purchase vehicle

Project Updates

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2 months ago

Here is a YouTube link in which we have discussed our work and the need for the car project for our pastoral work. I hope it will help you to understand the need, and you will enjoy knowing more details about our work in Pakistan.

2 months ago

Happy Easter!

2 months ago

Rita donated $50.

2 months ago

Project Leader:

Madiha Aslam
Dear Rita, thank you for your help. God bless you.

2 months ago

These are the challenges we face during our pastoral work. Your help to buy a vehicle for our pastoral work can enable us to do our pastoral work safely and reach for areas in Pakistan. Thank you for your support. God bless you.

4 months ago

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