Switch water heating system-formation house, Kenya

Project Leader:

Reverend Aimable Mutsiirwa Ndamwira

There are about 30 resident religious brothers and fathers living in St. Francis Caracciolo Formation House. The motivation of this project is to offer great accessibility of hot water supply at a low cost. The installation of solar heating system equipment will replace the old kit (electric and solar system: 600 litters for house use et 200 litters for the kitchen) whose energy consumption weighs heavily on the household's resources. The supply of hot water from a solar heater kit is great use of green energy. This aspect will help save money which can then be allocated for other urgent expenses inside the formation house. Please consider supporting this project which will provide hot water without interruption in bathrooms and kitchens as well as prevent diseases that can be caused by low temperatures during the cold season in Nairobi.



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Anthony donated $25.

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  • $50 will help buy reflective paint
  • $100 will help buy polyurethane foam
  • $250 will help buy commercial water tank
  • $500 help buy flat panels

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Anthony donated $25.

4 hours ago