Support the training of novices in Ghana

Project Leader:

Sister Sister Christiana Akoeso

The Handmaids of the Holy Child (HHCJ) has been supporting the novitiate community over the years. The novices engaged in farming to augment what they received from the order. With the outbreak of the COVID, schools in Ghana were lockdown for about a year, making it difficult to provide adequately for the novices as they depended on schools to assist with activities. The novitiate would like to start intensive farming to grow food to sustain themselves at all times. To succeed, they would like to secure their farmland from strayed animals like goats and pigs. They want to fence and need support to purchase wire mesh, and iron poles. They also want to purchase more seedlings for planting. Please consider helping The Handmaids of the Holy Child. A gift of $25 will help start the project.



of $5,000 raised

Brandi donated $150.

Richard donated $500.

Matthew donated $5.

Anonymous donated $50.

Maria Fernanda Valverde donated $50.

Michele donated $25.

Tom donated $50.

Elizabeth donated $30.

Matthew donated $25.

Alfred donated $25.

Arkadiusz donated $25.

Diana donated $50.

Deirdre donated $100.

Anonymous donated $25.

Kathy donated $50.

imad donated $25.

Mary Ann donated $50.

Peter donated $50.

Michael donated $15.

Anonymous donated $10.

Theresa donated $25.

Tomas donated $25.

Eugene donated $25.

Jeanne donated $50.

Jeanette donated $25.

Mark donated $50.

Lawrence donated $50.

Marie donated $20.

Jocelyn donated $50.

Edwin donated $25.

Thomas donated $50.

Margaret donated $25.

John donated $25.

William donated $50.

Marilynn donated $50.

hanh donated $50.

Shana donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps buy 10 seedlings
  • $20 helps buy metal poles
  • $50 helps buy 10 rolls of wire mesh

Project Updates

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Brandi donated $150.

8 days ago

Project Leader:

Sister Christiana Akoeso
Thanks so much Brandi for moving us some steps towards our fundraising goal. With your support, we're confident we'll get there soon. We pray God to reward you abundantly.

7 days ago

Richard donated $500.

10 days ago

Project Leader:

Sister Christiana Akoeso
Richard, you've given us so much! Thank you for supporting a good cause - the training of novices to the religious life in far away Ghana. Know you'll be remembered whenever we pray for our benefactor. God reward you abundantly.

8 days ago

11 days ago

Matthew donated $5.

11 days ago

Our project site has been quiet for a long time, and out of the blues, it is back to life. We are almost half way through our GHC5000.00 goal. We are happy and most grateful to all who have helped bring us this far - US$2208.00. We are confident we'll get there, by his grace and your generosity. No contribution is regarded too small, for drops of water swells up the mighty ocean. Know that we appreciate you all and pray God to reward you abundantly. For those reading project now, please be part of a good cause - the training of young women to the sisterhood. Laborers to the Lord's vineyard are not easy to come by these days, and that is why we invite you to join forces with us so that we can provide for the few who are courageous enough to say "yes" to God's call. The rains are here and if we fence our garden, we should be able to provide enough food for their upkeep.

12 days ago

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