Seminarians in the Pope’s Missions Need Support

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis reminds us that once we experience the power of God’s love and recognize his fatherly presence in our personal and community life, “We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard.” We can speak of faith in Africa where there are 19,000 young men who are preparing to be priests, to uplift the poor, celebrate the Sacraments, reach out to children and families, and comfort the sick and dying. We can speak of Father Haroon Illyas who saw the need to build basketball courts so that the 25 seminarians receive exercise and movement while preparing to serve. Prayers and financial help are needed as they answer their vocations, prepare to celebrate the Sacraments, and offer the message of the Gospel to uplift the poor. Your gift of $25 this Mission Month, through the Pontifical Mission Societies, will be supporting vocations and educating a future priest or religious, and is a blessing that brings the witness of the Gospel to vulnerable mission communities around the globe. Thank you!



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What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps with studies
  • $150 helps with travel to and from seminary
  • $250 helps with room and board

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