Religious Sisters are Mothers of the Church

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Pope Francis

There are 73,999 Religious Sisters in Africa and 172,947 Sisters in Asia who need YOUR help to bring hope in loving witness to the most vulnerable in the Pope’s Missions. They serve the poor in education, healthcare, and they battle food insecurity. They serve on the front lines of human rights, rescuing women and children from human trafficking, protecting refugees fleeing famine, war, or violence, and caring for orphans and elderly – those neglected and forgotten. They also serve the Church in religious education and ministry. Sister Mary Chilengwe, Sisters of Child Jesus, helps the communities by storing dressed chickens and other meats and produce until it’s safe to sell, allowing the community to earn an income. How can you support these “Mothers of the Church” this Mission Month? Through the Pontifical Mission Societies your gift of $25 you can support those in need, especially at this rebuilding time. Thank you!



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What your donation can do!

  • $50 helps buy sewing machines and kits
  • $150 helps with administrative costs
  • $250 helps with training and programs

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Anonymous donated $50.

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HELPING PEOPLE TO BUILD CHURCH People feel helped financially so that they can have a church building that is suitable for use as a place of worship

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