Help Buy Water Tanks To Collect Rain, Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Francisca Avedi

I am Sister Francisca Avedi of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, a local Diocesan Congregation. Our charism is the Joy, love, and compassion of God for the people. We live in a semi-arid area within the Diocese of Homa Bay and securing safe, drinking water is a challenge to the community at large. Very often, children have to walk long distances in search of water. Now and again, they see no other choice but to collect dirty water from a source shared with animals. I am proposing this project in order to purchase commercial water tanks where we can harvest rainwater, treat for consumption, and share with families. A gift of $25 can help this cause. I am thinking of children, expectant mothers, and the elderly who cannot walk long distances seeking a water supply. We want to be able to be a water hub so that families can rely for use for cooking, hygiene, and drinking. Thank you!



of $5,000 raised

Anonymous donated $4,010.

Greta donated $1,000.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps buy reusable water bottles
  • $50 helps buy water treatment kits
  • $150 helps buy a water tank
  • $250 helps secure a portion of labor

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Thanks very very much,l lack words to express this gratitude,may the Good Lord who sees in secret reward you abundantly.God Bless.

2 days ago

Anonymous donated $4,010.

3 days ago

Greta donated $1,000.

6 days ago

Project Leader:

Francisca Avedi
Thank you very much Greta for this great sacrifice,May the Good Lord Grant you good health and bless all your endeavours.Thanks.

5 days ago