Educate Women in Pakistan

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Miss Madiha Aslam

Educating girls and women worldwide, and in Pakistan, is as good as investments get. Not only does it benefit individual girls and women, it has wide ranging positive effects for the global community. Educating girls and women improves the health of children. Educating girls and women improves critical analysis and resistance to propaganda from groups like the Taliban. Educating girls and women improves the economic development of their communities. (Every 1 percent increase in women’s education generates a .3 percent increase in national economic growth!) That said, the women’s literacy rate in the norther provinces of Pakistan is only 3%. Here is the good news: Miss Madiha is applying community-based education approaches to raise the quality of education of girls, women, and families. Her innovative model integrates career counseling and technical training into the education the young women receive. So far, Madiha has enrolled 126 girls in local high schools, and the extended education programs she conducts. Madiha is raising money to continue working with the families and in larger communities to encourage parents to enroll their daughters in school. Just $10 helps pay for school supplies for these brave young women. Do this. It just makes sense.



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Sharon donated $25.

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What your donation can do!

  • $10 Pays for the school supplies of one young girl
  • $50 Helps pay for training teachers to better integrate young women into schools
  • $100 Helps pay the school fees for the girls
  • $150 Helps pay the staff counselors and educators

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Sharon donated $25.

17 days ago

Peaceful greetings from Education, Awareness & Community Development Organization®! Christmas is at the corner with all its splendour and grandeur. As it is approaching nearer, it is spreading rays of hope, fraternity and happiness everywhere. Christmas parties, dinners, cakes, toys, dry fruit, warm clothes double the pleasures and charms of celebrating this unique and unmatchable event of the world. We request you on this occasion help us to reach more girls and help them to get the education. Our intentions remain unfulfilled until and unless people like you support us. May Lord Jesus bless us all with his abundant bounties so that you and we become able to uplift the suffering humanity better than before. We will be grateful to you for your generous support. Appreciatively, Madiha Aslam Chairperson EACD Organization® Pakistan

2 months ago

Thank you so much, Amy, for your kind donation. God bless you

2 months ago

Thank you so much, Brian, for your kind donation.

2 months ago

Amy donated $100.

2 months ago

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