Educate Women in Pakistan

Project Leader:
Miss Madiha Aslam

Educating girls and women worldwide, and in Pakistan, is as good as investments get. Not only does it benefit individual girls and women, it has wide ranging positive effects for the global community. Educating girls and women improves the health of children. Educating girls and women improves critical analysis and resistance to propaganda from groups like the Taliban. Educating girls and women improves the economic development of their communities. (Every 1 percent increase in women’s education generates a .3 percent increase in national economic growth!) That said, the women’s literacy rate in the norther provinces of Pakistan is only 3%. Here is the good news: Miss Madiha is applying community-based education approaches to raise the quality of education of girls, women, and families. Her innovative model integrates career counseling and technical training into the education the young women receive. So far, Madiha has enrolled 126 girls in local high schools, and the extended education programs she conducts. Madiha is raising money to continue working with the families and in larger communities to encourage parents to enroll their daughters in school. Just $10 helps pay for school supplies for these brave young women. Do this. It just makes sense.



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What your donation can do!

  • $10 Pays for the school supplies of one young girl
  • $50 Helps pay for training teachers to better integrate young women into schools
  • $100 Helps pay the school fees for the girls
  • $150 Helps pay the staff counselors and educators
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Andrew donated $5.

2 days ago

Thank you so much Anonymous. Thanks for your kind support. Blessings for you.

8 days ago

Anonymous donated $25.

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18 days ago

Dear James Nagle thank you for asking the details. Our key activities are mentioned below for students.\r\nActivities:\r\n• Capacity building of the teachers.\r\n• Enrolment of girl children into the secondary schools.\r\n• Career counselling of girl children.\r\n• Establishment of 4 stitching centers.\r\nCapacity Building of teachers:\r\nThe training of secondary teachers would be done; each training would be of three days. The total no of training would be four pieces of training would be conducted in the school premises. Two educationalists would be hired to impart skills and knowledge and skills to the teachers. The purpose of these training is to build the capacity of the 40 teachers of 4 schools to deliver the quality integrated education.\r\nThe contents of the pieces of training would be as follow…\r\n? The role, responsibilities and expectations of teachers, parents, school management NGO and other stakeholders.\r\n? Teaching strategies, material development, regular assessment and its usages.\r\n? Child psychology \r\n? Team building \r\n? Curriculum study in each of the four subjects English, Mathematics, Science and Social studies.\r\n? Learning new child centered teaching.\r\n Enrolment of 126 girls in the secondary school:\r\nA total of 126 girls would be enrolled in 4 schools. It would be the responsibility of the social mobilizers of Education, Awareness & Community Development Organization® and the parent's committees of the areas to enrol the children in school.\r\nThe parents would provide birth certificate and the passing certificate of 8th grade of their children and the NIC of the father would be attached with their documents while the social mobilizers would prepare the list of the students with the names, addresses, roll no, class/ section, name of the school and bring the signature of the school Principal. Parents’ committees would be given funds to purchase books and stationery for the children. The parents would submit the receipts of the purchased books.\r\n\r\nCareer Counseling:\r\nA total of 4 career counselling workshops would be organized in fourth target areas with young girls. The purpose of these workshops would be to impart awareness to choose the right vocation according to their aptitude and education. In a total of 4 workshops, 126 school girls would participate. During each workshop, the participants would be given food and tea during the workshops.\r\nFollowing would be contents of the workshop…\r\n? Objectives of the workshop\r\n? Introduction of EACD Organization®\r\n? Component keeping in mind in the selection of a profession \r\n? The demand for the skills and education in world of work \r\n? Individual students planning \r\n? Aptitude test \r\n? Future planning \r\nEstablishment of 4 Stitching Units:\r\nThe project will also help to revive the degrading status of females in this male dominating society. This will address issues, challenges and problems being faced by the women such as being unskilled, unemployed, un honoured.\r\nThe trainees would be provided with certificates/diploma at the completion of the project so, they could continue their enhanced skills for their personal development as well, for the benefits of other females in their respective areas. The updated knowledge and skills imparted to the trainees will enable them to compete in the market trends of this city of textile.\r\nA local development committee of the selected people from all shall be established to look after the 4 centers to facilitate the trainers on regular basis. An updated syllabus has been developed after visiting the local market so that, the trainees get orders from the market according to the demand of the day. The monitoring of the project shall be under taken to ensure the activities are being carried out in accordance with the project and this will help to complete the project within the given time ensuring maximum results.\r\nParents committees shall be provided detailed responses to look for the center to be established. A review of the selected place for the center shall be made in consultation to the local committee and of the respective social area. Parents’ committee shall make purchases of the required material for sewing center.\r\nProgram coordinator and area animator shall pay to monitor visits for the smooth running of the sewing centers along with that local committee shall also supervise the center.\r\nInterviews shall be conducted to select the most suitable trainers for the pieces of training and the training classes shall be started after the completion process of interview.\r\nAll the trainees shall go under one midterm test after six months of the opening of classes and this would be followed by an annual examination.\r\n

1 month ago

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