Build a Physiotherapy Room for a School in Kenya

Project Leader:

Mr. Vincent Kaburu

The Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters (SNDS) was founded in 1971 in the Diocese of Trichur in India. Since that time, the Sisters extended their ministry to remote regions of Africa. In 1993, the SNDS Community arrived in the small village of Ngaremara, Kenya. Here, they operate mobile clinics and food distribution centers. Some of the Sisters also help staff the Manyatta Alakara Home for children with disabilities. Vincent Kaburu is helping to raise funds to help the Sisters and build a dedicated room for Physical Therapy.



of $1,000 raised

Anonymous donated $10.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Buys one bag of cement
  • $20 Pays two bricklayers for two days
  • $50 Buys a load of sand and gravel
  • $250 Helps purchase physical therapy equipment

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Anonymous donated $10.

16 months ago