Give a Future to Young Women in the Jungle of Peru

Project Leader:

Reverend Miguel Angel Marugán López

This home under the coordination of the Social Pastoral of the Vicariate of Yurimaguas and with the supervision of Sr. Inés Acosta Guerra, a religious who works individually in the Vicariate, is dedicated to taking in young women and girls from extremely poor families and mainly native communities of the Peruvian Amazonian jungle (Shawis, Achuar, Cucama Cucamilla, Wampis, Amazonian Quechua). They are provided an education and integral development that they would not have access to under normal conditions in their communities and families. Without comprehensive education and training they become adolescent mothers, and assume roles that are still culturally acceptable in these native societies. This only role is one of total submission to men. Their only function is procreation, and heavy domestic or peasant work.
The project aims for the young girls and women to finish higher studies, especially as bilingual teachers so that they can be leaders, role models, and advisors for other girls, young people and women of their respective ethnic groups.
We greatly appreciate your support and we will have you in our prayers and we will include you in our friends list in the house newsletter, "My Little Home".



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Joshua donated $25.

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What your donation can do!

  • $20 1 sem/week-Manutención y estudio/All expenses
  • $50 1 mes/month-gastos escolares/school expenses
  • $150 1 mes/month-Manutención y estudio/All expenses

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Muchas gracias a todos los que nos han apoyado. Mi obispo, Mons. Jesús María Aristín me ha comunicado que ya se ha recibido el aporte económico. En breve iremos dando cuenta de los gastos que van a cubrir. Especialmente manutención y estudios.

11 days ago

Joshua donated $180.

21 days ago

Project Leader:

Miguel Angel Marugán López
Gracias Jhosua. Que Dios te bendiga

11 days ago

Joshua donated $25.

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Anonymous donated $50.

27 days ago

To keep people good, like good samaritan.

1 month ago

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