Help Children Walk in Zambia

Project Leader:

Sister Petronella Mwila

Cheshire Home provides community-based and clinical rehabilitation for children with disabilities in Lusaka, Zambia. The project arranges free corrective surgeries, prosthetic limbs, pre and post-operation rehabilitative care and provides food and emotional support to children often shunned for their disabilities. Sister Petronella is looking for $3750 to purchase prosthetic legs for 15 children.



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Anonymous donated $50.

Rosa donated $250.

Andre donated $25.

Paul donated $50.

michelle donated $25.

Patrick donated $10.

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Anonymous donated $25.

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Andrew donated.

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Lorraine donated.

Stephane donated $100.

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Monica donated $25.

What your donation can do!

  • $250 Buys one prosthetic limb for one child

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Feeding of the elderly in St Kalemba Mission, Manyinga Zambia.

11 months ago

Monica shared.

72 months ago

Keith shared.

72 months ago

This little girl's name is Judith. She is 1 year old and her right leg had to be amputated in November. Thanks to your donations and prayers, Judith has recovered and will will receive an artificial limb. Thanks to you, Cheshire Home can continue to provide care and services for children like Judith, who will return to attend the Cheshire School for children with special needs when she is four years old./Esta niña se llama Judith. Tiene 1 año y tuvo que amputarse su pierna derecha en noviembre. Gracias a sus donaciones y oraciones, Judith se recupera y recibirá una extremidad artificial. Gracias a ustedes, Cheshire Home puede continuar brindando atención y estos servicios para niños como Judith, que regresará para asistir a la Escuela Cheshire para niños de necesidades especiales cuando tenga cuatro años.

78 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

79 months ago

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