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As a MISSIO Fundraiser, you are spreading news about a project and helping it succeed. Share the project you select with friends and family through emails and on social media. Create an event in your parish or school. Below, you can set your fundraising goal and tell us why this project speaks to you. Then spread the word. Click here for tips on how to be a successful fundraiser.

Raise Money for Pope Francis’ Missions
Catholic Mission Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

As a Catholic you’re probably at least vaguely aware of the Church’s missionary outreach. But you probably didn’t realize that you can easily raise money not just for the missions in general, but for a cause or a project that you are particularly passionate about.

With MISSIO’s Catholic crowdfunding platform, you can raise money for the Catholic mission of your choice. Want to help a community in India get clean water, or help communities in Africa and South America get much-needed medical attention? What about building a parish church in Haiti, or empowering women in Ethiopia? No problem. With MISSIO you can raise money for the missions of your choice! Catholic missionary fundraising has never been easier. Join us today!


Support the Pope's Missions!
Community | United States

Pope Francis calls us all to support the work of his missions around the world. You can extend a message of hope to so many in great need. You can answer the call of Pope Francis made during his visit


Raised: $275,298


Help a Child in the Pope’s Missions
Community | United States

Sister Rosemary in Kenya runs a program for some 300 children, offering them food, medical care, counseling, and abundant compassion. Sister Ruangsri educates parents in Thailand on the risk of traff


Raised: $45,526


Prevention and Control of COVID 19, Zambia
Community | Zambia

The local congregation of The Sisters of the Child Jesus operate health institutions, schools, and orphanages. To run all of these institutions, the Sisters have embarked on farming as the source of i


Raised: $4,195


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Health | United States

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are in Canto Chico and Tacna, Peru and minister among families living in extreme poverty. The pandemic has compounded their situation, and many are without food


Raised: $5,983


Care and Protection for Orphans in Tanzania
Community | Tanzania

Within the Catholic Diocese of Kigoma in Tanzania there are two centers that have a total of 553 children who have been left without parents. Either one or both parents died of HIV/AIDS. Having been


Raised: $6,628


Program for Maasai Girls Post Covid 19, Kenya
Education | Kenya

I am Father Ambrose Musyoka, a Catholic priest working among the Maasai community in Narok, Kenya. Due to the pandemic schools have been closed and young schoolgirls are being neglected in the communi


Raised: $3,390


Feed a hungry child in the Pope’s Missions
Health | United States

Food insecurity is an ever-looming threat in the 1,111 dioceses of the Pope’s Missions, where poverty is problematic. In places like Uganda where people face food uncertainty and violence; in places l


Raised: $21,134


Give Food Basket To a Child in Ghana
Education | Ghana

All schools in Ghana were asked to lockdown on 15th March 2020 to help control the spread of the Coronavirus. Our children have been home since then and will not return until sometime in the new year


Raised: $2,355


Fighting Hunger for Haitian Families
Health | Haiti

The Passionist Pastoral Center in Tabarre is sustained in large part by the efforts of local volunteers. Poor families in Haiti where a single mother is, often, head of household face dire hunger. An


Raised: $7,610


South Sudan Needs You!
Health | United States

South Sudan is hard hit with famine. Conflict and unrest have added to the crisis. Families are seeking shelter, food and care in Catholic hospitals and various health centers. Others are fleeing in s


Raised: $131,814


Sister's Outreach against COVID-19 in Kenya
Health | Kenya

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega operate Chebukaka Farm. The Sisters were founded in 1932 to spread the Good News and foster education of African women so as to uplift their standard of living in a w


Raised: $9,267


Restoring a church in Chile
Community | Chile

Saint Bonaventure was known as a master of practical life. His wisdom, but also his humility and simplicity, made him unique. The small wooden church in Los Lagos, Chile, named for this Doctor of the


Raised: $1,330