A Safe Place For Homeless Boys in Nairobi

Project Leader:

Sister Catherine Wanza

300,000 children live on the streets in Kenya. Sister Catherine provides shelter and loving care to 25 former street boys in Nairobi. Some of the boys were abandoned, and some lost their families to war or illness. They survived by eating garbage, working small jobs and petty crime. Sexual exploitation is also common. Most boys turn to sniffing glue to escape. Sister Catherine provides counseling, education and a sense of hope for the future. Just $20 helps purchase food. $50 buys clothes.



of $6,000 raised

Lorraine donated.

Maggie donated $1,399.

Stacie donated $1,500.

James donated $200.

Jesse donated $2,800.

Tim donated $1.

Monica donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps buy food
  • $50 Helps buy clothes and school supplies
  • $250 Helps provide the boys health care

Project Updates

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Due to holiday weekend here in Boston, Ma our payday is delayed until Monday. I feed the homeless at Arch street in Boston which is run by by Fransiscan Nuns and feed homeless cats in my area.

73 months ago

Jesus said,”That which you do to the least of these you do unto me.”

73 months ago

mark shared.

73 months ago

This is Patty from TEAM MISSIO reporting that this project has been fully funded as of June 20, 2017. Upon receiving the news, Sister Agnes Wanjiru who works at the home wrote to tell us: \"On behalf of Ukweli home of boys I convey gratitude for your assistance. God bless you. I will let you know how the funds are used.\"

82 months ago

Lorraine donated.

84 months ago

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