A New Roof In Cameroon

Project Leader:

Sister Ngo Nguemhe Marie Madeleine

Having a safe place to gather is a freedom and privilege many take for granted. For children growing up without such a place is hard to imagine. Give $25 dollars to help the Sister Servants of Jesus in Edea, Cameroon. These sisters serve vulnerable children, young men and young women who live on the street. Among many things, Sister Marie Madeleine and her community provide a safe place for these at-risk young people to gather. However, the building where they gather for activities and meals needs a little, well, a lot of TLC… The roof is gone. Until they can raise enough money to build a new room, their meetings and meals take place outside. Sister Marie Madeleine is afraid the roof might further collapse while her children are inside. When it rains, nothing happens at the center. These young people don’t have a safe place to gather because Sister Madeliene and her sisters don’t have a safe space to provide the children in their care. Support their work with a gift of $25.



of $1,000 raised

Hanh donated $50.

Anonymous donated $50.

Jean donated $20.

Duc donated $100.

Anonymous donated $100.

Bridget donated $250.

Anonymous donated $250.

Susan donated $250.

donna donated $50.

Stephen donated $25.

Jose donated $20.

Doris donated $150.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Buys paint
  • $50 Helps buy construction supplies

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As the donation is there, how can we get it to ameliorate classroom? With greet thanks

15 months ago

Hanh donated $50.

25 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

31 months ago

Jean donated $20.

50 months ago

51 months ago

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