Support Solar Power in Cameroon

Project Leader:

Reverend Djob Célestin Roland Olivier

The National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (NECC) has installed solar panels to better use resources and improve difficult working conditions. The NECC coordinates pastoral activities in 25 dioceses of Cameroon. It facilitates and administers Justice and Peace Commissions, health services and education ministries. The new solar system supplies necessary electricity in a sustainable way and provides light during the night. This project replaces old equipment with energy saving options.



of $1,000 raised

Anthony donated $25.

Melody donated $3.

Lorraine donated.

Gayle donated $25.

cindy donated $5.

What your donation can do!

  • $100 Buys four solar bulbs
  • $500 Buys one support battery

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Anthony donated $25.

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Melody donated $3.

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Lorraine donated.

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