Build a Fence for a Farm in Kenya

Project Leader:

Sister Leah Njoroge

Sister Leah Njoroge has put her recent studies in Agribusiness to work to serve her community in Bungoma, Kenya. Sister Leah’s Bumula Farm now grows vegetables, raises poultry and cows, and produces dairy products. Sister Leah’s Bumula Farm both employs dozens of people in a sustainable locally owned agribusiness and feeds the local community. She is raising $2,500 to build a fence to keep the growing farm’s cows from wandering or being taken. It also prevents animals in the area from wandering onto her growing crops. Just $20 helps buy one section of fence... help her make that happen!



of $2,500 raised

Andrew donated $25.

Nirmala donated $20.

Mariangeles donated $100.

Gerard donated $25.

Sugi donated $25.

Yuliana donated $25.

Susan donated $25.

Jamon donated $25.

w donated $25.

Thomas donated $25.

Paul donated $25.

Kenneth donated $25.

Len donated $25.

Michael donated $25.

Anne donated $250.

Lindsay donated $20.

Jeff donated $25.

Katrina donated $50.

Marilyn donated $100.

Lucynda donated $25.

Catherine donated $100.

Victoria donated $25.

Mary donated $25.

Monika donated $25.

Mark donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Becky donated $250.

w donated $10.

Brian donated $25.

Bob donated $25.

Margaret donated $25.

Enoch J donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Millissa donated $50.

Sara donated $25.

Monica donated.

Elise donated $10.

Bridget donated $100.

Kathleen donated $100.

Monica donated $10.

Andrew donated $10.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Buys one section of fence
  • $100 Buys a cow's length of fence

Project Updates

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Hello Friends, thank you so much for your support to the little sisters of St. Francis of Assisi farm in Kenya. We have received the money you sent to build a fence for the cows. We will inform you the progress and report when we complete. May the good Lord shower you all with his abundant blessings!! Amen!

73 months ago

Dear Project fundraisers, May the good Lord fill you, your families and friends with his abundant blessings for the great work well done, Amen!!

76 months ago

Dear friends thank you so much for your great support to the little sisters Farm in Kenya, towards the building of a fence for the farm. May the good Lord shower you all with his abundant blessings and answer all your heart desires. Amen!!

76 months ago

Andrew donated $25.

76 months ago

Nirmala donated $20.

76 months ago

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