Bring Nurses to Papua New Guinea

Project Leader:

Mrs. Angela Worealevi

Give $10 to help build and house a permanent nursing staff in a remote corner of Papau New Guinea. The Catholic Diocese of Lae sponsors annual health and HIV outreach programs to most remote parts of the island’s Morobe Province. To improve the care and benefits to residents living within the St. Dominic’s Parish community in the province, the church’s executive committee has organized a community fundraiser to build an Aid Post and hire permanent nursing staff. This locally supported initiative and co-financed with the help of the MISSIO community will provide greater access to healthcare and health education for entire communities in Morobe Province. I can’t think of many better things to do with $10.



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Amy donated $25.

Lindsey donated $10.

Lindsey donated $10.

Scott donated $100.

Frances donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Herbert donated $10.

Amy donated.

Sandy donated $300.

Anna donated $25.

Patricia donated $25.

Bruce donated $10.

Kenneth donated $25.

Miguel donated $10.

Audrey donated $5.

Paul donated $50.

joaquin donated $10.

Maria Isabel donated $20.

Cathy donated $10.

Sherm donated $25.

Michelle donated $5.

Nicholas donated $10.

Belinda donated $30.

John donated $20.

Terri donated $10.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Will help buy one bag of cement.
  • $500 Helps furnish and equip one room.

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Amy donated $25.

71 months ago

Lindsey donated $10.

71 months ago

Lindsey donated $10.

71 months ago

Scott donated $100.

75 months ago

Frances donated $25.

75 months ago

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