Help End Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Project Leader:

Sister Francisca Agho

Sister Agho's work skills program is part of a 'fullness of life development initiative' to prevent the abuse of both young men and women unable to afford a formal education. Her project is extremely important in her community because Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for uneducated women and children to be trafficked for forced labor and other commercial exploitation. Sister Agho is raising money to continue training her students in the trades of sewing, weaving, and catering. She wants to buy two sewing machines. Give $25 to support to effort to end human trafficking in Nigeria.



of $2,450 raised

Lorraine donated.

Constance K donated $100.

Judith donated $20.

Sean donated $100.

Madeline donated $50.

Ventura donated $50.

Mike donated $50.

Zora donated $100.

David donated $20.

Hilda donated $20.

Paul donated $20.

Fabiola donated $20.

Craig donated $20.

Len donated $20.

Wankel donated $10.

Noel donated $50.

Andrew donated $20.

Mary donated $50.

Lorraine donated.

Lorraine donated.

Christie donated $20.

Patricia donated $20.

Arlene donated $20.

Lorraine donated.

Theresa donated $100.

Arthur donated $100.

Craig donated $10.

Shirl donated $50.

w donated $20.

Barb donated $20.

Mary donated $20.

Maria donated $100.

Karla donated $10.

Mary donated $20.

Nora donated $50.

Malou donated $100.

Monica donated $5.

Angie donated $50.

Bridget donated $100.

John donated $50.

Mark donated $20.

Patty donated $10.

Patty donated $100.

Monica donated $25.

Ally donated $1.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps pay for training supplies
  • $50 Helps pay for sewing materials
  • $100 Helps ay for one sewing machine

Project Updates

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May God in his infinite mercy and generosity bless and reward you all abundantly. You will always be remembered specially both in our private and community prayers. My congregation is grateful .

84 months ago

Millions of thanks to God for his constant love and mercy. May his name be praised now and forever! Thanks to Missio Team and to everyone of you who have supported this project to end human trafficking,

84 months ago

Thanks so much Lorraine in support to end human trafficking. May God reward your generosity abundantly. Prayers for you and your family.

84 months ago

Lorraine donated.

84 months ago

Thanks Constance K. For your generous support to end human trafficking. My God reward you abundantly. Prayers for you and your family.

84 months ago

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