Beds for Seminarians in Uganda

Project Leader:

Reverend John Bonaventure Okeya

One-in five seminarians worldwide now comes from Africa. Many seminaries there are growing quickly – too quickly sometimes. St. Pius X Seminary in Tororo, Uganda, cannot accommodate the many candidates who pursue their vocation to the priesthood. Father John Bonaventure Okeya, the rector of the seminary, is trying his best to avoid turning away young men simply because of the shortage of space. Even his offices are being converted into dormitory rooms. The incredible increase of vocations at St. Pius X Seminary has created a need for not just space, but for more beds. 100 seminarians are sleeping on the floor!
Fr. Okeya’s seminarians who will serve the Church in Africa and abroad are required to bring their own mattress when they enter formation. However, many of the young men come from poor families. Fr. Okeya fears asking seminarians to bring their own mattress and bed frame would prevent many from pursuing their vocations as priests.
St. Pius X Seminary plans to buy 100 bunk beds and mattresses. This mundane need and simple purchase of beds and mattresses benefits current and future seminarians, their families, the larger community, and the larger Church by forming its clerical leaders. Just $20 buys one bed for one seminarian.



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What your donation can do!

  • $20 Will provide a bed for one student.
  • $100 Will provide beds for 5 students.

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