Truck for Pastoral Work-Papua New Guinea Terrain

Project Leader:

Reverend Martin Prado

For the past 3 years, I trek the jungle area of Walsa and Green River, 70km2 and 150km away from Vanimo respectively, to evangelize the different communities, many of them never before reached by the message of Gospel. There is no means of transportation except by hitching a ride from trucks of lumber companies if I am lucky to meet one. This year I have been assigned by the bishop to become parish priest of this jungle area and having a truck will be most helpful to be able to reach the various areas of this wide undiscovered terrain. The vehicle will allow me to reach these people more often and earlier to make them partakers of our Lord Redemption as well as help me assist their various communities with basic needs such as nutrition, medicine, education. Please consider helping this very worthy cause!



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What your donation can do!

  • $100 helps with documents, plates
  • $250 helps with maintenance
  • $500 helps purchase a used truck

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Paul donated $10.

6 days ago

Arend donated $50.

9 days ago

15 days ago

Thanks you all for your help and support. Last Sunday we had the first baptisms ever had before in a remote village, Biaka, 150 kilometers away from Vanimo. Praised be the Lord!

15 days ago

ely donated $25.

18 days ago

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