Educational Service Center for Children, Pakistan

Project Leader:

Mrs. Madiha Aslam

Education, Awareness & Community Development (EACD) Organization is running Education, Awareness & Community Development (EACD) Organization is running Educational Support Service Center (ESS) in Pakistan. Through ESS center more than 100 children are getting free education.
EACD has rented a house for children and there are two teachers. All our children in ESS center belong to poor families. Their parents work on brick kilns and some of them do other labor work. Girls are forced to work on brick kilns with their parents. Some of the children who were going to school have to travel by walking about 4 kilometers (both ways) every day. It was much needed to have a school in their village, especially for girls so that they can get an education and they can become future leaders and educated mothers. EACD needs your prayers and financial help to arrange better facilities for these children so that they can become better citizens of Pakistan and can play their vital role in the success of their families and country.



of $3,500 raised

Mechell donated $3,500.

Candace donated $213.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps buy sports equipment.
  • $50 helps buy textbooks.
  • $100 helps buy clothes and shoes.
  • $150 can help paying the rent of ESS house.
  • $250 helps with teachers' salaries.

Project Updates

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45 months ago

45 months ago

45 months ago

I am sharing photographs of our project activities and also I want to thank you all for your help. May God bless you all.

45 months ago

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