A Computer Science Classroom in Madagascar

Project Leader:

Sister Claudine Rasoanjanahary

Give $25 to help provide relevant and life-changing vocational training in Madagascar. The Sisters of St. John the Baptist operate a residence and school for abandoned children in the village of Ambatolahy. In addition to the 40 orphans who live in the home, 300 students attend the primary school. Sister Claudine and her sisters have been given the equipment to offer their students a computer science class and seamstress training. Now they a need a new classroom to put them in.



of $5,000 raised

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What your donation can do!

  • $20 Helps buy bricks
  • $50 Helps buy paint
  • $500 Helps pay for construction materials
  • $1,000 Pays for electrical work

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Dear Sister Claudine and our friends in Madagascar: We are so very glad that the new wing was built successfully and inaugurated with great joy and celebration! We hope everyone will be able to enjoy this new building and all the facilities in it to better the education of the children. We will keep all of you in our prayer! God bless, Godine and Hijung

67 months ago

I will donate to this cause. This is a Blessed Day!

70 months ago

Thank you very much!May God bless you!We pray for you!Sister Claudine

70 months ago


70 months ago

70 months ago

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