Fund Eye Surgeries in Umueje, Nigeria Phase II

Project Leader:

Sister Sr. Magdalene Tor

The mission of Maranatha is to provide free medical care in developing countries. Eye diseases are very prevalent in Umueje and its surrounding towns due to the parasites in the dirty drinking water. Every day the need grows as more people turn to the eye clinic for help. Several patients are suffering from one eye disease or the other and the majority of these patients are susceptible to cataracts. Through cataract surgeries, patients can regain their sight. Just $25 can help towards a needy patient's surgery - saving and restoring precious vision!



of $4,000 raised

Mary Ann donated $50.

Anonymous donated $2.

What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps buy reading glasses, sun glasses, eye drops
  • $50 allows eye exams on 20 children
  • $100 provides basic medical supplies for many

Project Updates

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Mary Ann donated $50.

21 days ago

Anonymous donated $2.

4 months ago