Purchase Supportive Medical Devices in Uganda

Project Leader:

Reverend Eugene(Fr.) Kalyango

Father Eugene Kalyango is a priest of the Masaka Diocese in southeastern Uganda. He is raising money to purchase orthopedic devices and pay for surgeries and physical therapy for 20 children with disabilities. The children are served by the staff of Saint Vincent Pallotti Nursing Home.This nursing home is part of larger initiative of the Masaka Diocese to help people with disabilities overcome physical and sociological barriers within their communities. The diocesan-wide project also sponsors community-based rehabilitation programs and identifies volunteers who train community leaders in disease and injury prevention. They also teach people how to manage their disabilities and work to help the disabled gain acceptance among their peers. A gift of $100 can purchase a walker, wheelchair or several sets of custom made crutches.



of $4,104 raised

matthew donated $100.

Peter donated $100.

Catherine donated $100.

John Michael donated $25.

patrick donated $25.

Anonymous donated $50.

Brandi donated $100.

Deidre donated $25.

Christine donated $25.

Tomas donated $25.

Anonymous donated $25.

Anonymous donated $100.

Anonymous donated $10.

Frank donated $25.

Paul donated $10.

Teresa donated $25.

Fr. Dave donated $7.

Bruce donated $7.

Monica donated $5.

Susan donated $25.

Ingrid donated $25.

Monica donated $5.

Susan donated $25.

Andrew donated $10.

Lorraine donated.

Monica donated $5.

Patricia donated $25.

Mike donated $5.

Andrew donated $25.

Patricia donated $5.

Lorraine donated.

Lorraine donated.

Stephane donated $100.

Gina donated $10.

Astrid donated $100.

Fabiola donated $100.

John donated $25.

Omaida donated $10.

Karla donated $10.

Geraldine donated $50.

Joan donated $50.

John donated $25.

David donated $26.

Monica donated $10.

Becky donated $100.

Patricia donated $10.

Monica donated $100.

Paul donated $20.

Andrew donated $5.

Charlene donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $100 Purchases a supportive device for one child
  • $1,000 Pays for needed surgery for four Children.
  • $2,500 Pays for surgery for ten children

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One in sweater is the volunteer

76 months ago

He was visited by a community volunteers

76 months ago

He is happy

76 months ago

76 months ago

He can now walk

76 months ago

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