Protect Children in Uganda

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Fr. Denis Ocanda is a hardworking and unsung hero in his community. His Akanyo Parish in the small town of Nebbi serves as a refuge for over 300 orphaned or abandoned children. Fr. Denis is raising money to help provide for these children and the elderly widows who volunteer to care for them. The options outside Akanyo Parish for the children are few and discouraging. Young girls often must marry to be supported by their husbands and provide for their younger siblings. Abandoned boys are often left to crime and drug use. This is how they come to Fr. Denis – seeking a safe haven to be children. Now you know about this unsung hero. Just $25 can help him make a difference.



of $5,000 raised

jacqueline donated $25.

Anonymous donated $10.

Todd donated $50.

Jason donated $100.

Daniel donated $100.

Susan donated $50.

Jason donated $250.

Stephane donated $50.

Lorraine donated.

Chad donated $10.

Willy donated $100.

Monica donated $5.

JOSEPH donated $2.

Orlando donated $10.

Tracie donated $100.

Stephen donated $1,000.

John donated $50.

Richard donated $10.

James donated $100.

James donated $100.

Paul donated $10.

Andrew donated $10.

Brian donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Buys clothes
  • $20 Buys school supplies
  • $50 Buys bedding
  • $100 Helps provide construction materials for a simple structure
  • $1,000 Could build a simple iron sheet house on parish grounds

Project Updates

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jacqueline donated $25.

19 days ago

Anonymous donated $10.

20 days ago

Dear Todd and Jason, Thank you very much for your kindness. The little children will pray for you, and, given that God listens to them more, you will surely receive divine benediction in all its superabundance.

24 days ago

Todd donated $50.

24 days ago

I gratefully thank all those who have contributed very generously towrds this project: Of very special mention are Jason, Daniel, Susan, Stephane, Lorraine, Chad, Willy, Monica, Joseph, Orlando, Tracie, Stephen,John, Richard, James, Paul, Andrew, and Brian. You have offered your life and shred your love. In what you have done, we see the love of those in the far distance and the hand of providence at work. We have neither silver nor gold to pay you; what we have, we give - In the name of Jesus BE BLESSED FOR EVER. Those who give even just as much a cup of water are rewarded. You have given much more; may you be rewarded much more.

3 months ago

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