Build a Permanent Classroom in Uganda

Project Leader:

Reverend Denis Ocanda

Give $25 to support St. Mary’s Primary School in Kikobe, Uganda. The small school provides education for young children, but the humble structures where the students learn make it impossible to attend school when it rains or when it is windy. Classes are taught under trees or in simple grass-thatched shelters with little protection from the elements. Their desks and chairs are typically stones and logs. Fr. Denis is raising money to build a simple cinder block classroom. Just $25 will make a big difference in the lives of children at St. Mary’s.



of $1,450 raised

Karen donated $1,290.

Ben donated $50.

Monica donated $10.

Jack donated $50.

Jason donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Buys four blocks.
  • $50 Buys cement.
  • $150 Levels ground to required depth.
  • $250 Excavate land and lay foundation.
  • $1,000 Rents bulldozer to clear all construction obstacles at site.

Project Updates

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We received this money. With the money, we were able to roof a classroom block which the parents had started to work on but could not finish due to lack of funds. We thank all Missio donors,and we pledge our fervent prayers for all of you. We may be able to see each other physically, but in faith, hope and love, we can see each other, distant in miles, close in smiles. May God bless you all.

70 months ago

How wonderful this project is funded! Let the building begin!!

87 months ago

Karen donated $1,290.

87 months ago

Ben donated $50.

88 months ago

Monica donated $10.

89 months ago

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