Build a Pre-School in Zambia

Project Leader:

Reverend Thomas Otieno

Fr. Thomas Otieno is raising money to build a small school for the children at Kaparu Mission. The children in Fr. Otieno’s care come from poor farming families. Most cannot afford to send their children to school. Right now, the children gather for lessons in the hallway of the mission clinic. Fr. Otieno believes when children have access to a quality education, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come. The effort to improve early child development in his village is an investment, not a cost. “By helping to build a pre-school for our children,” Fr. Thomas explains, you will be investing in the development of a more life-giving community.” Construction is already underway. Parish members and parents are molding clay bricks and digging trenches for the foundation. They could use your help. Give $25 to invest in the Children at Kaparu Mission.



of $1,000 raised

Helen donated $285.

Dan donated $25.

Martin donated $25.

Penny donated $25.

Ian donated $25.

Len donated $25.

Sabine donated $100.

Alan donated $25.

Christine donated $25.

Sister Mary donated $48.

Mary donated.

Kevin donated $10.

Ante donated $20.

Michaela donated $20.

Kenneth donated $20.

Elizabeth donated $20.

Linda donated $20.

Andrew donated $10.

Paul donated $100.

Kathleen donated $100.

Andrew donated $20.

Rose donated $100.

Ana donated $20.

Sherry donated $20.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Helps buy clay blocks for construction
  • $20 Helps purchase cement, paint and other supplies
  • $100 Helps pay for doors and windows for the new school

Project Updates

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Greetings from Team Missio! We just received an email from Father who has reported that they are already starting to put the roof on the building. He expects to post a new project soon to help him furnish the pre-school. Attached are some recent photos from Father. Thank you everyone for contributing to this effort.

74 months ago

we have successfully roofed our preschool... we look forward to reach our target to help in the finishing of the preschool. thank you for all your support!

75 months ago

Helen donated $285.

77 months ago

Project Leader:

Thomas Otieno
Hello Hellen. I would like to thank you with a sincere heart on behalf of our pupils. Because of your generous donation, we can now start the roofing of our preschool

76 months ago

Our pupils infront of the new preschool being constructed. we are now at roofing level

78 months ago

Dan donated $25.

78 months ago

Project Leader:

Thomas Otieno
Dan we are sincerely grateful for your donation. we are now at the roofing level of the project. may God bless your generosity

78 months ago

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