An Indian Village's First School

Project Leader:

Reverend Jabamalai Lorance

Give $25 to help Christ the King Parish build a school for their community. Although the diocese encourages the 1500 families in the parish to send their children to school, church is in the small village of Sorapara - there is no local school! The parish began raising money to build a three-room school house, but they were unable to raise enough money on their own. They are asking for help from the Missio community. More than 600 children will benefit from your support of this mission. Just $25 helps Christ the King build the first school in their community



of $1,000 raised

Anonymous donated $200.

Heather donated $50.

Lorraine donated.

Jack donated $50.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Helps purchase materials
  • $50 Helps pay for construction costs
  • $500 Helps pay for structural approval and government permits.

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Anonymous donated $200.

59 months ago

Heather donated $50.

69 months ago

Lorraine donated.

84 months ago

is this closed already?

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