Social Workers in India

Project Leader:

Reverend Fr. Arogya Raj Leo

Fr. Arogya Raj Leo is the director of the Multipurpose Social Service Society in the Diocese of Cuddapah, India. These societies are registered social service agencies operated by Catholic dioceses all over India serving the needs of the marginalized from all castes, creeds, genders and race. Fr. Leo in Cuddapah is raising money on MISSIO improve their outreach to street children to protect them from being used in illegal businesses. Give $25 to help Fr. Leo and the other social workers on his staff bring abandoned children in from the streets and into caring communities.



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Taylor donated $10.

Anonymous donated $100.

Susan donated $25.

Teresa donated $20.

Anonymous donated $50.

Susan donated $100.

Lorraine donated.

Karla donated $10.

Stephen donated $10.

Angie donated $10.

Crisanto donated $20.

Monica donated $5.

Susan donated $50.

Jinsun donated $30.

What your donation can do!

  • $10 Helps develop outreach strategies
  • $100 Helps pay for housing children

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Taylor donated $10.

2 months ago

Anonymous donated $100.

25 months ago

Susan donated $25.

26 months ago

Teresa donated $20.

28 months ago

Anonymous donated $50.

29 months ago

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