Help a Child in the Pope’s Missions This Christmas

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Pope Francis

Sister Rosemary in Kenya runs a program for some 300 children, offering them food, medical care, counseling, and abundant compassion. Sister Ruangsri educates parents in Thailand on the risk of trafficking, while keeping a safe space for their children, adding an education and loving care. And Sister Costancia brings hope in the form of healing medicines and food to malnourished children in Zambia.

As we approach Christmas at the end of this unprecedented year, we long for hope to fill our hearts and homes, and our world – and wish that hope especially for those children living in the most vulnerable communities around the globe, their very lives impacted ever more deeply by the circumstance of the past year, like those children in Kenya, families and children in Thailand, and infants and little ones in Zambia.

For these children in the Pope’s missions, there is hope – and you can be a part of it as Christmas comes! Through your gift to the Missionary Childhood Association, the Pope’s mission society that supports programs for children in the world’s most vulnerable communities, you are right there wish Sister Rosemary and Sister Ruangsri and Sister Costancia. Through your prayers and generous help, children are fed and clothed, receive counseling, medical care and an education.

This Christmas, will you add mission Sisters – and the families they serve – to your gift-giving list? As little as $5 a day – $25 for a week or a month’s support of $150 – provides for such work in  mission schools and parishes, outreach and health centers. Anything you are moved to send will bring such great joy – and hope – to a child in need half a world away. Through your prayers and support, you accompany Sisters throughout the Missions as they bring the Good News of God’s great love revealed in His Son, Jesus. What could be a better Christmas gift? 



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What your donation can do!

  • $10 helps a refugee child with counseling & education
  • $20 brings medical help to a child
  • $50 gives medicine, school supplies, food for a child
  • $100 feeds a child and his/her family
  • $150 is an education for three children
  • $250 provides breakfast and lunch for 20 children
  • $500 helps Sisters bring care to a village of children

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sally donated $200.

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Fenella donated $50.

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