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Sister Marilyn Ellickson

The Leo House is a nonprofit Catholic guesthouse dedicated to offering affordable and temporary accommodations. People of all faiths are welcome, and we host a variety of guests including clergy and religious, persons visiting the sick, students, and travelers from the United States and abroad. Our guests visit us from around the world! Originally established and based in the Battery Park area of New York in 1889 by papal certification by Pope Leo XIII, The Leo House moved in 1926 to 23rd Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Mass is celebrated daily and complimentary rosary beads are given to each guest. Mother Teresa, now St. Teresa of Calcutta visited and stayed at The Leo House. Every guest is special and greeted with compassion and humility. The world over is affected by the COVID -19 pandemic and The Leo House, too, was forced to close for two months. As New York City slowly reopens it is recovery time. Your support will help purchase a kitchen stove, provide essential PPE supplies, and ensure that our doors remain open to welcome weary travelers, families, missionaries, and all who have journeyed here seeking rest.



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What your donation can do!

  • $20 helps provide a balanced meal
  • $50 helps COVID - 19 sanitation
  • $100 helps buy a cooking stove
  • $250 provides a missionary with a stay at Leo House

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